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Smart Web Ads Boost Sales

...Using Intelligent Visitor Tracking

The Client’s Brief:

A client was finding it hard to sell advertising space on his web site and asked us if we had any ideas.

Ads are selected for display dynamically based on the search criteria the visitor enters
Ads are Selected for Display Dynamically Based on the Search Criteria the Visitor Enters

Our Solution:

We built an intelligent visitor tracking system. This meant that banner adverts were chosen and displayed depending on the interests expressed by the visitors while searching the site. Adverts were pre-classified according to search topics so that they could be selected dynamically and intelligently for display, ensuring that they reached genuinely interested viewers - a great bonus for the advertiser.

The Benefits to the Client

The client can now:

  • Sell multiple adverts for the same space;
  • Sell that space more easily or at a higher price;
  • Save the costs of reporting back to advertisers as reports are generated automatically.

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28th February 2008