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Government E-Service

...Fine tuning English Nature's Plans

The Client’s Brief:

As part of the government’s commitment to e-services, English Nature is transferring some of its statutory wildlife licensing procedures from paper to the internet. They wanted help from someone with a strategic understanding of internet service delivery and experience in market research (and who was interested in environmental issues) to evaluate how applicants would make use of the new service.

Our Solution:

We designed a questionnaire, tailored to English Nature's licensing department system and processes. We then undertook in-depth interviews on current practice and the proposed future arrangements with a representative sample of service users. The result was some important adjustments to plans and designs, and some useful ideas and feedback from users.

Working with the ESD System Builder

Base 10 works with software houses like SFW Ltd to offer market research to government agencies working to the ESD 2005 target.

"Interviewing users is a great way of informing the ESD build and design and should be done far more often than it has in the past."

Steve Elliott, Director,
SFW Ltd.
28th February 2008