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Environmental Cleanup

...Improving Data Quality and Usability

The Client’s Brief:

An enterprise agency wanted to publish a directory of environmental suppliers in the 9 counties it covered. The database which another supplier had previously built was unwieldy and the data it contained unreliable. What is more, there was a serious mis-match between the data it kept in the office and the data it had on-line.

Our Solution:

We put our team to work on the problem. We rebuilt the database to professional standards. We ran the data through our cleaning and de-duping routines. We researched data on the web and then put our phone team to work to make contact with all the companies listed. Our researchers even found some new entries for the client to make up for those companies which were no longer active. We ran some final quality control routines on the data before we designed and prepared the directory for publication.

What the Client Says

"This was just what I’d hoped for...You have done a fantastic job and I am very grateful for all your support and advice over the last couple of months"

Nicola Loweth,
Environmental Technology Sector and Cluster Manager,
South East Enterprise Development Agency.

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28th February 2008