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Publishing Services

We specialise in high quality B2B, academic, scientific, and professional publishing services

Web Journal Publishing

We work together with clients on internet projects aimed at improving customer service and saving costs. Services include:

Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites
  • 0n-line versions of paper titles - site design, build and management;
  • "Web only" content eg events listings, discussion forums, jobs, archives;
  • On-line subscription systems;
  • Email renewal alerts;
  • Value added services for advertisers including reader reply services;
  • Email only subscription delivery systems (using pdfs);
  • News and content trailing by ezine;
  • Encrypted and secure content delivery systems;
  • Links to payment taking systems.

Costs Reduced when Reader Reply is On-line

Reader reply cards in magazines are expensive to print and time-consuming to process.

We have developed on-line alternatives which are:

  • cheaper;
  • automatic in operation; and
  • a much faster form of communication.

What is more, it is straightforward with on-line reader-reply to operate "area of interest" systems which substantially increase advertiser responses.

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28th February 2008