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Publishing Services

We specialise in high quality B2B, academic, scientific, and professional publishing services

Directories and the Web

We have worked with international B2B directories for many years now to ensure publishers benefit from moving their directory databases onto the web.

Directory Publishing and Delivering Qualified Prospects

We offer a full and flexible service. Here are some examples:

  • Web versions of paper directories - site design, build and management;
  • Sophisticated and efficient search systems;
  • Fine-grained visitor tracking and monitoring systems;
  • Intelligent advertising display systems which use visitors’ search criteria to select adverts for display, thus delivering truly qualified prospects to advertisers;
  • Special site construction techniques to obtain high search engine rankings and to escape the danger faced by database-driven sites that they can fall off the search engine radar;
  • Member only and pay-per-view systems.

Directory Maintenance and Management on the Web

We have built systems which allow listed companies to update themselves with great cost savings to the publisher. We have built tools incorporating

  • Automatic, personalised e-mailed reminders with clicks throughs to web-based questionnaires;
  • Display of current data in web questionnaires to facilitate editing;
  • Security coding to stop competitors "updating" other companies’ entries;
  • Data validation (phone numbers, e-mails, etc);
  • Data formatting (capitalisation, etc.);
  • Tools to prevent the entry of malicious code;
  • Dynamically generated drop down lists to facilitate editing and to ensure data integrity;
  • Enforcement of required fields;
  • Easy selection of classifications and demographics.

We have also measured the results: compared with traditional postal questionnaires, systems we have helped design and then implement show response rates which rise dramatically, response times which fall, and in which the utilisation of more complex classification systems rises.

We have staff experienced in researching on the web as well as in telephone interviews to update directories.

Cost Reduction and Improved Services to Advertisers

The web offers publishers a wealth of opportunities, not least new ways:

  • to deliver qualified prospects to advertisers;
  • to drive down the costs of administrative and editorial processes.

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28th February 2008