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Publishing Services

We specialise in high quality B2B, academic, scientific, and professional publishing services

Subscription Management

The Bureau Service

We currently handle over 30,000 paid and controlled circulation magazine/journal subscriptions using our own flexible and robust systems. We specialise in quality systems for quality titles.

We provide specialist marketing services for subscription renewals and circulation management. We have applied our internet application expertise to develop electronic renewal, prospect and updating services at highly economic prices.

We take full responsibility for processing, output and data security and run to agreed budgets and timetable.

We Provide a Full Management Service for this International Title, both On- and Off-line
We Provide a Full Management Service for this International Title, both On- and Off-line

System Features

  • Multi-publication enabled: one company many subscribers; one subscriber many subscriptions;
  • Captures subscriber demographics in unlimited dimensions;
  • Outputs to a wide range of formats;
  • Selective mailing outputs: prospects, renewals, etc.;
  • Informative reporting and ad hoc queries;
  • International mailing formats, phone codes, etc.;
  • Efficient design reduces errors and increases quality;
  • Can be configured to meet specialised needs.

Our experience is largely in international, business-to-business, controlled circulation, advertising-led magazines as well as in international academic titles.

Fully Auditable Systems

Base 10 is an Associate Member of BPA worldwide.

Our controlled circulation systems run to BPA standards ("the globally recognised leader in media auditing"

"The materials required for the audit were available and meticulously organised. The overall level of accuracy in the audit preparation was very high, which resulted in the audit being completed in the inclusive time... BPAI greatly appreciates the effort made..."

Tania Masullo, Auditor, BPA International.

Our paid subscription systems are also built around a double entry accounting core with full audit trail.

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28th February 2008