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Publishing Services

We specialise in high quality B2B, academic, scientific, and professional publishing services

Events and Exhibitions

The Typical Event Support Site

On-line event support web sites are now almost obligatory for professional organisers. They save costs and provide fast, quality services to help increase visitor, advertiser and exhibitor numbers. They can include:

  • Floor plans with click-on for stand information, pre-bookings, etc;
  • Banner advertising and sponsor logos;
  • On-line registration facilities;
  • Exhibitor information;
  • Visitor information and analysis;
  • Seminar programmes;
  • Viral marketing / "tell a friend" systems;
  • Press sections with press releases;
  • Awards and events;
  • Travel and accommodation.

Registration Management Services

Registration management requires professional data management skills and experience, and can make good use of internet-based systems. We have all these skills and can undertake such services as:

  • Clean up of last year's registration lists;
  • Processing of paper registrations;
  • Building links with on-line systems;
  • Bulk e-mailings, reminders etc;
  • Output of registration details for lapel badges with bar coding;
  • Systems enabling exhibitors to use pen-sized bar-code;
  • Readers to collect visitor details from lapel badges;
  • Analysis of registrations by geography, demographics, etc. to use in promotional materials for exhibitors.

Exhibitor and press management services are also available.

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28th February 2008