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Most book publishers have found the web to be an ideal place for retail sales, particularly if their titles are specialised.

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Key issues concern system efficiencies, as the best known web bookshop Amazon found in its early years. However pretty your web pages are, you are not going to have a profitable operation without robust and reliable integration with your fulfilment, customer service and accounting systems.

Critical to the success of any online shop is having a representative sample of the content indexed by search engines and getting a meaningful description or extract before potential customers. To achieve this involves an integrated approach to web site development: relevant content appropriately marked-up has a much greater influence on the long-term visibility of sites than does meta-tag tweaking or other "tricks of the trade". We have developed integrated approaches with clients to achieve long-term success and positve return on investment.

See how a client recouped on their e-commerce investment

E-commerce and Intelligent Content Management Systems

Content Management systems are good at supporting e-commerce. You should be able to fully and seamlessly integrate your catalogue, your extended product information pages and the shopping cart with the rest of your site and with your back end systems.

But content management systems truly take off as a sales support tool, incorporating visitor and application intelligence. is probably the best known example. They use databases and back-end applications to record in detail what their customers do. For example  "People who made this search also found the following interesting..." "People who bought this book also bought..." "Log-on and see products selected based on your interests (ie the classificaiton by interest of your previous purchases..." and so on.

The eZ Content Management system which we use can readily be extended to provide just this kind of intelligence.

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28th February 2008