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Publishing Services

We specialise in high quality B2B, academic, scientific, and professional publishing services

The Publisher's Toolkit

We offer publishers a complete toolbox of services. Clients can choose any single service, or opt for our tailored, integrated offering with all the cost and quality gains this brings.

We have particular experience in international publications and distribution and in high quality, business-to-business and academic titles.

Delegates have secure access to papers before the ICOM committee meeting in Rio
Delegates have Secure Access to Papers Before the ICOM Committee Meeting in Rio

Partnerships which Broaden your Skill Base

We work with publishers to augment their skill base. Not every publisher can afford to have a professional database and internet application development department. Our experience working in and for the media and publishing sector goes back 20 years, and has involved providing managerial and marketing solutions as well as the technical solutions which are now our principal specialisation.

Your Return on Investment

Where we believe we stand out from the competition is in our unusual combination of skills. We care about professional database design, about search engine rankings and about the speed and security of the applications we build. However, we care even more that our clients get the return on investment they require, the cost savings they have budgeted for, the improved customer service and enhanced advertiser offerings they have planned, and the competitive advantage that gives them the edge.


Quality Standards for Publishers

We are perfectionists and recognise that the maintenance of the quality of published materials - content and presentation - is something that cannot be sacrificed.

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28th February 2008