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Database + Internet Developers

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Open Source

We use and support open source software

Open Source Services

We have experience in the following areas

  • Building and configuring Linux file and backup servers;
  • Building and configuring Linux web and mail servers;
  • Building and configuring Linux database server platforms;
  • Configuring, extending and running open source content management systems;
  • Application development on Linux platforms:
    • emailing;
    • cross platform database synchronisation;
    • web services;
    • dynamic web sites;
  • etc.

Bespoke Application Development and Application Migration

So many business are migrating applications from a client-server platform to a web platform. With this comes the realisation that open source web server software provides a cost-effective and robust and powerful server-side platform and development environment - a real alternative to Windows-based applications.

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Mixed Networks and Interoperability

Windows and all the powerful applications which run on it are not going away just yet. We have been integrating Linux into Windows networks for several years now and so developed substantial experience in all the issues of interoperability.

Running Mixed Networks

Running mixed networks - Linux and open source on the server, Windows or Mac workstations - is probably the most common configuration for companies which have taken the open source plunge.

Linux has been built to fit in comfortably to mixed environments. What is more, the Windows or Mac workstations can be left untouched - they generally still "think" they are running on a native network of their own kind.

If you are using web technologies (internet or intranet) the situation is even simpler: for most purposes all browsers on most platforms work the same and the overwhelming majority of internet traffic already passes across Linux and Windows networks without the user or the information - email or web page - having any knowledge of this.

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28th February 2008