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Open Source

We use and support open source software

Benefits of Open Source

What is Open Source?

Open source software runs over half the internet and is increasingly used on servers in medium- to larger-sized networks. It is even begninning to appear on the desktop. It is used because it is good and because it is often significantly cheaper than proprietory solutions.

The open-source Linux penguin ( Penguin Art)
The Open-source
Linux Penguin
Penguin Art).

It began life (and remains) an alternative to expensive proprietory software but over a decade or so has moved from the fringes to the centre of enterprise and - increasingly - governmental computing. It now acts as a platform for most web servers and in recent years has been adopted by many of the world’s leading database and computing system suppliers including IBM and Oracle. Open source generally means 2 things

  1. Anyone can see the progammer's code and modify it if it doesn't meet their needs; and
  2. Anyone can use it without paying licence fees.

These are very general statements which don't apply universally so, if you want to learn more, search Google for open source license.

Business Benefits

Open source software has become robust, reliable and sophisticated. Its developers have shown themselves capable of responding to bugs and security issues as fast as any leading software supplier. The rise and rise of open source software is one of the most important IT phenomena of this millenium.

Open source software is a cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to Windows in a broad range of medium- to large-scale business applications.

We Can Support a Range of Operating System and Software Solutions -

  • File Servers and Database Servers: fast, efficient, stable and no client licence fees to pay, however large your network.
  • Web Servers: Robust, stable, powerfull, extensible, and free.
  • Linux Network Configuration: A full-featured alternative to Windows, and substantially cheaper.
  • Web Services and Web Applications: We can move your business processes to open source solutions, running in the office, supporting remote access, or running over extranets and the internet.

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28th February 2008