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Internet Services

We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Web Marketing

We help you to harness to power of the internet to sell more effectively. One recent e-mail promotion delivered over 10% qualified prospects to the tele-sales team selling a high value product.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns: We can reach your customers effectively whilst avoiding the pitfalls of spamming.

System Integration: We build e-mail and web promotions to integrate with your sales follow-up systems and on-line or back-office databases. You can manage as much or as little of the system as suits whilst retaining full access to the data.

Intelligent Visitor Tracking: We build site visitor tracking systems to gather valuable data on what is and is not succeeding on the site, what type of customer is buying from you, which adverts to place on which pages, etc.

Enhanced e-Commerce: On-line shopping can include personalised selections, order pattern analysis to generate extra sales ("people who bought this book as bought..."), order tracking, downloadable invoices, etc.

Subscription and Registration Renewals: We help keep your customers signed-up or paid-up to your e-zine newsletter, your on-line journal, your membership services, etc.

Web Surveys: We design and construct web survey forms and their back-end management systems.

Sector Profiles: We enhance the quality and depth of your sector profiles by internet research and telephone interviews.

Take Advantage of our Market Research Services

Before embarking on web marketing projects, you can take advantage of our strategic market research services. We will advise on how to ensure a return on your investment.

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28th February 2008