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Internet Services

We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Site Management Services

The range of tasks and skills needed to run a commercial web site is more than many businesses can effectively manage in-house. We offer a broad range of management services to help clients avoid site stagnation.

Quality Management and Security

We can help enforce corporate styles, reduce embarrassing typos and spelling errors, get rid of error messages and other problems of browser display.

For those in the public sector with site accessibility standards to meet we can help ensure compliance.

Where your site allows public input of content - on-line directories or discussion forums - we can reduce the risk of inappropriate content being published on your site or, just as damaging, hacking and malicious attack.

Regular Content Updates

We update sites routinely to attract new and repeat visitors. We can even offer editorial services, adapting printed materials to the different requirements of the web or ensuring appropriate key-word density targets are met.

It is straightforward to make content management systems available so that clients can take on all or part of the workload for updating textual content. It is equally straightforward to build links to client databases so that updated structured content - product information or real-time progress tracking - can be channeled automatically to the site (see Content Management and Data Management).

Technical Management

We can establish a regime of regular site testing and even automate many of the standard processes if the site is large. In doing so we test for proper functioning and report on and fix site problems. We also have systems for managing large numbers of domain names, renewals, forwarding and hosting.

Technology Watch

We keep abreast of maturing technologies and alert you to new ways of improving your customer service or reducing costs.

Is Your Site Stagnating ... or Worse?

A site filled with errors and out of date information is bad publicity and may be worse than no site at all:

  • It looks unprofessional;
  • It gives poor customer service;
  • A potential customer can go straight to a competitor’s site and be lost forever;
  • A negative impression once formed is often repeated to others.

Clients may also wish to take advantage of our Web Marketing Analysis services for an initial review of a site which is failing to deliver, and our Large Site Data Management services for data-heavy sites.

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28th February 2008