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Internet Services

We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Market Research and Consulting

We can gather commercial and customer intelligence for your business strategists, managers and system designers through market research and consulting services.

We help you to:

  • Minimise the risk in launching or relaunching any e-service, web business process or web site; we ask the right questions of target users before the design and build is complete;
  • Test the usability of forms and procedures in interactive web applications at prototype stage;
  • Evaluate the accessibility of your site and make recommendations for compliance with Disability Discrimination legislation;
  • Assess the cost benefit of your web service projects;
  • Gauge customer satisfaction and find out who uses your site and why, and whether they come back;
  • Improve web customer service by pinpointing key web site changes: we look at the clarity of your navigation, whether key tasks can be completed easily, how little used site areas can be more attractive etc., etc.;
  • Learn from your competitors by reviewing their web sites and marketing angle;
  • Evaluate your site's performance vis--vis your stated marketing and business objectives.

We have a competitive advantage over research rivals: it is rare to find skills in survey design and market research alongside an in-depth understanding of e-services and internet applications.

Our research and consultancy services take the form of:

  • Designing questionnaires and surveys;
  • Conducting in-depth interviews with users and intended users of services and sites;
  • Providing reports and analysis of findings for presentation at board level;
  • Making strategy recommendations;
  • Full web site analysis – from data mining standard web logs to building customised monitoring reporting tools.

Find out more about our web marketing services which include
e mail promotions and visitor tracking systems.

Successful 2005 ESD
e-Government Research

"You offer a really useful service to anybody launching an e-service or a web application commercially or in government... you understand the technology and you can do market research."

Richard Collings, e-Service Delivery Analyst, SFW Ltd/English Nature.

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We can help:

  • Government meet the challenge of e-service delivery by 2005. We get accurate and informative feedback from users before the implementation of new e-delivery systems;
  • Software houses gain greater user acceptance for their clients' new projects and inform project design through market and business process analysis.

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28th February 2008