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Database + Internet Developers

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Internet Services

We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Large Site Data Management

Many larger web sites depend for their smooth operation on the successful management of large volumes of structured data.

Professional dB Skills

Sites requiring professional database skills include E-commerce and product catalogues, directory publishing, sites with member only areas, and sites where visitors are driven by personalised emailings or ezines. The design and construction of the back-end databases and the applications which link them to the front-end are key.

The management of data in volume - keeping it secure, making it available rapidly to searches, synchronising it with office databases - are all tasks at which we excel.

Automation and the Web

We are particularly interested in how you can keep data fresh and updated using automatic processes; after all, the cost of manual updates is high. We are also experienced in using large volumes of data creatively and profitably in marketing and mailing operations across the internet.

See also our Content Management and Database services

Why Not Outsource to Professional Information Managers?

You stand to gain:

  • Breadth of expertise and experience without recruiting in-house;
  • Use of up-to-date and innovative software without having to buy, build or manage it;
  • Tried and tested procedures based on years of practical data management operations.

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28th February 2008