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We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Content Management Services

We offer 5 levels of content management services.

Service Applies to

1 Asset Management

Increase control over the materials published on your web site while reducing maintenance costs.

Pages; products; articles; sound and video clips; news items; images; snippets; galleries; etc.

2 Power and Functionality

Use the built-in capabilities of our systems as the most economic way to add powerful interactivity and behind-the-scenes functionality to your site.

We can provide and configure built-in applets to provide indexing; search and advanced search; registration, log-on and membership management; e-commerce; multiple languages; multiple concurrent designs; visitor discussion forums and customer product reviews; editorial control, security and workflow; etc.

3 Intelligence and Enhanced Customer Service

We can add intelligent visitor behaviour tracking to customise the way your site responds to visitors and so enhance revenues and profitability.

Customised interfaces and menus for returning visitors; tailored offerings for customers; qualified prospects for advertisers; stored search results and wish-lists; etc.

4 Bespoke Capabilities

We can extend the capabilities of your site to offer services and activities specific to your business - and, critically, integrate these capabilities into the content management system for ultimate control and economy.

Surveys; subscriptions; sophisticated advert management sub-systems; events calendars; jobs; ezines; productivity-enhancing interfaces for content inputters; advanced customer account management and tracking capabilities; automated navigation and page link management; etc.

5 System Integration

We can ensure that your on-line systems are fully integrated with those you run off-line and in the office.

E-commerce; inventory control; sales order processing; accounting; marketing; databases and directories; editorial and content repurposing; etc.

Read more about content management systems and their business benefits.

Read more about content management systems and their business benefits.

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28th February 2008