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Internet Services

We are a full service company, specialising in complex, dynamic web sites and internet business applications

Internet Services for Business

We aim to offer a highly cost effective and comprehensive range of internet services, particularly to businesses and other organisations with larger or more complex sites.

Monuments and the Millenium - On-line Specialist Bookshop
On-line Bookshop

A Full Range of Services: Our full service offering covers the complete spectrum of needs. To get your project right before you commit to design, we offer services such as strategy development, competitor site analysis and user interface planning. During the build stage our services include content management, visual design and application coding. Once your site is up and running we can help, for example, with visitor behaviour tracking and detailed performance analysis.

We provide technical support for the King's Singers
Technical support
for the
King's Singers

Long-term Successes: We have been entrusted with the long-term development and management of client web sites. We are very successful in building visitor numbers and holding on to high search engine placements.

Driving Down the Costs of Business Processes: Huge savings are available to businesses which put some of their business or administrative processes on the web. We have developed a range of tools to facilitate this.

Breadth of Experience: Over the years, we have worked on a broad range of internet projects: discussion forum for international musicians; an instant e-commerce for teenage gamers; more serious e-commerce targeted at academics and scientific professionals; magazine sites; magazine subscription systems; targeted advert delivery systems; campaigns combining multi-faceted email and secure web sites; document delivery systems.

What all of these projects share is a commitment to putting the appropriate level of technological skills and business experience to ensure the client gets the maximum return.

Ecommerce Software Launched

Our ecommerce software was launched on 5 sites in 2006 -

tableware PLUS+

Chefs' Cookware PLUS+

Salt and Pepper Mills PLUS+

Classical Guitars PLUS+, and

PLUS+ Online Stores

Technical Skills in Depth

Our database and application development capabilities are an important determinant of the quality of our internet work. We were a database house and an application developer before we began working on the internet. This means that we bring years of professional expertise in systems analysis, design and development to our web projects.

As a result web designers with a strong background in visual design turn to us for behind the scenes support when they have projects which require robust, reliable and effective back end applications and data management capabilities.

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28th February 2008