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Database + Internet Developers

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Database Services

We specialise in full service, high quality data management and cost effective database/internet integration

Data Management

Bureau Services

We manage hundreds of thousands of client records on full service long-term contracts which cover every task from:

  • Data capture and storage; to
  • Data cleaning and analysis; through to
  • Data publishing.

As a matter of routine we:

  • Work with international data sets and multiple languages;
  • Output to wide range of formats: labels, mailings, DTP, html files, dynamic web sites, pdf, CD etc.

See an example of our fast, quality bureau services.

One-off Data Management

Many organisations do not need to outsource the management of their databases completely, but still call on us to bring our specialised experience to bear when they need:

  • database evaluation and redesign;
  • data cleaning and normalisation;
  • data verification and update;
  • data publishing;
  • etc.

An Opinion We Share:

"Isn't it strange how an organisation will invest in creating the software but will rarely invest in maintaining the content? ...Time is our most precious resource ... Content is about productivity..."

Gerry McGovern, Information World, September 2003

Why Not Outsource to Professional Information Managers?

You stand to gain:

  • Breadth of expertise and experience without having to recruit in-house;
  • Up-to-date and innovative software without having to buy, build or manage it;
  • Tried and tested procedures based on years of practical data management operations.

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28th February 2008