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Database + Internet Developers

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Database Services

We specialise in full service, high quality data management and cost effective database/internet integration

Application Development

We have experience of a wide range of application development for the office and the internet. Our applications typically involve integrating and automating critical business functions, particularly in marketing, administration and finance. Our systems are generally built to handle situations where data integrity and published quality requirements are exacting.

Business Applications

Our largest and longest-running applications cover business directory management and magazine subscription management. We have also built applications for project management and billing, and for contact management. Many of our applications have a built-in financial module or else are configured to exchange data with accounting systems. We have developed systems for human data entry and automated data capture.

On the Web

Our applications have covered large, searchable international directories; intelligent advertisement delivery and monitoring; customised email delivery and response monitoring and management; content management; e-commerce; secure document delivery; exhibition support and discussion forums.

Back-office and Financial Applications

We have developed a range of back-office applications covering synchronising large and remote databases, publication quality control, duplicate removal, audit support, etc. We have also worked with and configured applications such as financial systems where large volumes of stored and structured data are central.

We are Independent Software Advisors

We are not tied to any one manufacturer or their products. Instead we help clients select the most appropriate database platform to suit their commercial objectives.

We have used these platforms:

  • Microsoft Access;
  • Oracle 8i/9i;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • FileMaker Pro;
  • MySQL; and
  • PostgreSQL.

We have developed applications running against these databases in

  • PHP;
  • Flash and Actionscript;
  • ASP;
  • ColdFusion; and
  • VB.

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28th February 2008