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Database Services

We specialise in full service, high quality data management and cost effective database/internet integration

Professional Management

Whether you are looking for a new database to be designed and built, or you just need to have your existing data cleaned and properly structured, we offer a full range of database services on a wide range of database platforms.

Platforms: For enterprise level database applications we use Oracle 9i. For workgroup applications we think there is still nothing to beat Microsoft Access. On the web we typically use the open source MySQL or, where greater control of data quality is required we can operate with PostgreSQL. For instant publishing solutions and standalone CD versions, we use FileMaker Pro. We have also worked on applications - typically finance and accounting applications - which have their own proprietary data storage formats.

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On-line Database

Database Publishing: We know how to take a single source of data - simple or complex - and output it to printed directories, to dynamic and static web sites, and to CD or other multimedia formats. We can work simultaneously in multiple languages and character sets. We know just how essential the pre-output quality control stage is for database publishing. We have extensive experience in complex mailmerge including multi-language mailings. Our comprehensive and sophisticated approach to targeted emailings has yielded substantial benefits for our clients.

Database Design: All experienced database users are aware just how significant are professional data modeling and formal database design. Get the design right and you have an efficient, extensible and, above all economic container for your data. Get it wrong and the long-term costs will rocket while usability plummets.

Data Repair and Conversion: We can take a problematic database and make it work. Our services include redesign, normalisation, cleaning, deduping and updating the data.

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We Practice what We Preach

We have built all our own databases and associated applications for use in our bureau services. We know through processing hundreds of thousands of transactions just what makes for efficient design and operation.

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28th February 2008