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About Us

We are pleased to announce that in July 2004 we changed our corporate name from O'Mahoney Associates Ltd to Base 10 Ltd.

Our business was set up in 1995 to provide database and business system services to the publishing and arts & media industries. The company extended its range of services to the web and internet in 1999 and now applies all its services across many industry sectors.

We relocated the business from London to Devon several years ago but continued to operate nationally and internationally. We have worked hard to develop systems using remote access, remote working and telecommuting technologies to the benefit of staff, company and clients.

The directors of the company bring a broad range of experience to the business:

The Managing Director and founder of the company, Dr Nicholas Mahoney, previously worked as a management consultant, a systems and business analyst and as an international economic consultant. Claire Hodgson is a qualified lawyer who specialised in personal injury and environmental issues; she has also worked in marketing and sales, and in market research.

Our Approach

We take a commercial, market-orientated approach to projects: each is judged by its "return on investment for the client".

We operate rigorous quality assurance programmes. They save costs and time in the long run, and ensure good customer service and reliable systems.

We like to develop long-term relationships with clients - the better we understand your business, the better we can match our service to your specific needs.

Technical Expertise

Platforms and connectivity: Desktop, client-server, WAN, intra- / extra- / inter-net.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FilemakerPro.

Languages : SQL, PHP, Perl, Java, VB, ColdFusion, Javascript, ASP, Actionscript.

Mark-up and Protocols: "DHTML," XML.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.

Multimedia: Flash.

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Member International Webmasters Association
Member International
Webmasters' Association
28th February 2008